January 9th, 2006

Postbox Fairy


Huzzah for performing huge quantities of Shakespeare with lovely people (and a double huzzah to the_alchemist for organising it for a second time).

I was very pleased to have been given the roles of Viola in Twelfth Night and Hero in Much Ado About Nothing, and felt that I acquitted myself well enough in them both. Not that there weren't things I was dissatisfied with, but I really felt that the work I had put in had paid off, which has left me fairly sure that with more work I have the potential to improve even further. Which is nice :)

They were a nice contrast of parts too, as Viola is fairly talkative, whereas Hero speaks very little for much of the play (despite being onstage a fair amount), so I got practice in committing speeches to memory for Viola, and in physical acting as Hero.

I particularly enjoyed playing opposite the_lady_lily as Olivia and atreic as Beatrice - our acting styles in both cases meshed well, and I'm sure that helped my performances.

The only real note of disappointment for me regarding the weekend was that vectorious had to leave on the Saturday evening because he was feeling really grotty and in need of home comforts, having not slept well at all on Friday. He wasn't feeling very much better by this morning either *hugs him*.

But other than that, it was most wonderful, and thanks to everyone who was there for making it so.