May 20th, 2006

Postbox Fairy

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We have just put in an offer on this house. Haven't had it accepted yet, but fingers crossed. The people selling are still looking for a property themselves, so the estate agent reckons they'll hopefully not be too bothered by the fact that we haven't had an offer on our place yet (...and thus we are initiated into the world of the chain, which we avoided last time by being first-time buyers on a property that had formerly been rented out).

The kitchen is gorgeous, as you can see from its photo, and the photo of the sitting room really doesn't do it justice, as it, and two of the bedrooms, are really spacious as well, with the third bedroom being hardly poky. It's convenient for most stuff, and seems like a really friendly area - the seller kept mentioning her neighbours by their first names. And it's got lovely fireplaces, and picture rails, and...basically it's pretty much exactly what we were looking for, at a price we can afford.

Anyway, it's essentially just wait-and-see time now. We're channelling our surplus energy into working out what we can do to make our current place more attractive/saleable.

Edit/Update: Okay, the sellers have accepted our offer, but on condition we get our place sold within the next two weeks. Eeep. Still, I've spoken to our estate agent, dropped the price again (which is a bit frustrating, but clearly no-one was going for it at the higher price), and they're going to get everyone who saw it before & might still be interested round for another viewing.