September 29th, 2006

Postbox Fairy

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So - visiting the baby :) Apologies to those of you who are either not interested or live too far away, but it was easier to just post this publically than trying to filter it.

Obviously we're keen to show him off but also keen to avoid being overwhelmed with visitors. In general the best time of day seems to be between 4 and 5pm, as he's likely to be either awake or angelically asleep; and we're unlikely to be trying to catch up on sleep ourselves, or eating or whatever. We could probably accommodate a bit earlier or later than that e.g. 3 to 7, but an hour, hour and a half max is about our limit timewise at the moment, though, so if you're coming from further afield you might want to wait a bit to save spending loads more time travelling than actually here.

Anyway, comment if you want to come, and with what days/times you can make and I'll see what we can arrange from there.