May 24th, 2007

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For them as are interested, there are some rather cute pics of Daniel (taken yesterday) over at my mum's blog

I popped in to visit my parents having been for an extremely pleasant walk along the south bank of the Thames, from the London Eye down to Southwark Cathedral (it was so hot, I just decided I wanted to be by water). I've walked there before, of course, but I'm not sure I've done the whole stretch in one go before, and definitely haven't done it with a pushchair, but it's ideal - the tube stations at both ends have lifts (though the one at London Bridge was out of action yesterday due to a trackside fire) and in between there are fabulous sites with no steps and no traffic (and plenty of - admittedly slightly pricy - places to buy food & drink). Definitely one to revisit (and there's Tower Bridge & the Tower of London a bit further down too).

I love London.

Incidental thanks to karen2205 for organising a picnic in Victoria Gardens on Sunday, without which I might never have realised/remembered how accessible Westminster tube station is.