July 10th, 2008

Postbox Fairy

Baby Abbie

As those of you who read vectorious's journal will know, I am now a proud mum of two. Both are now sleeping peacefully*, giving me time to write this. I'm feeling surprisingly together at the moment, but we'll see if it catches up with me tonight or tomorrow...

We've decided to name here Abigail. Daniel was the final arbiter of this - we were pretty much down to a choice between Abigail and Charlotte, and then I had the following conversation with him.

Daniel: Baby Abbie?
Me: Baby Abbie? Not baby Lottie?
Daniel: Lottie? No!
Me: Abbie?
Daniel: heh heh heh

So she'll now be Abigail Charlotte Stanton.

*well, she was - now sucking equally peacefully though...