August 31st, 2009

Postbox Fairy

State of the Liz

Haven't posted in a while so thought it was time for a brief update

Daniel starts preschool tomorrow (3 afternoons a week). Cue my first "wow they grow up so fast" moment. I'm fairly confident he'll enjoy himself and settle in without problems, and I think he will benefit from being in a different environment with people other than family. Since I'll still have Abigail at home I don't think it'll free up that much time for me, but we shall see.

Talking of Abigail, she's growing up fast too. Her vocabulary at the moment consists of the spoken words mama, dada (Daddy or Daniel), teeth, this, and cha (chocolate) together with signs for food, sleep, hat, no, and open. She's also toddling about at quite a pace.

I'm running in the adidas Womens 5k in Hyde Park next Sunday. I ran the course last week in 28 minutes 15 seconds, and will be aiming for something similar, or a shade under on the day itself. I'm halfway to my sponsorship target of £250 - thanks to medievalbunny, almooredudley, and smhwpf who've already sponsored me. If anyone else would like to, you can do so at I've already signed up to try for a 10K next May - if that goes well, maybe a half-marathon later in 2010, and the London Marathon in 2011 (or 2012 if that proves too ambitious)

Have been using the bank holiday weekend to have a bit of a clear out - sold my first thing on ebay (a 21 inch television) this week. We have a lot of baby stuff (cot, moses basket, steriliser etc.) which we no longer need, and which I'd prefer to pass on to someone I know rather than sell/freecycle it, but most of the people I know locally already have children. If anyone reading this is thinking about having children in the next couple of years & might be interested then let me know (obviously I would keep this in completed confidence and wouldn't bring it up in conversation either). I'm happy to keep stuff in our loft for a while if there's a reasonable prospect of it being useful, but there's no point in things gathering dust up there for years.