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In general, I feel fairly spiritually fulfilled without believing in a personal god - there's enough awe and wonder in the universe itself; and enough love and connection with humans and other animals; I've never really felt the need for a deeper meaning or purpose in life; and to be honest I'd rather just end when I die rather than go on for eternity.

But there is one area where I do feel the lack, and that's with prayer. I'm thinking particularly of prayers for people you know who are in trouble, and also for world situations. In other words, situations where there is little or nothing practical that you can do, and yet you yearn to help.

You can say "I'm thinking of you", and suchlike of course, but it just doesn't have the same emotional resonances (either for the "thinker" or the "thinkee"). It feels like a lesser thing, somehow.

There's the option of the agnostic's prayer the "if there is anyone up there then..." but I don't really like that - it feels to me like pretending there's a God when it's convenient, and not bothering the rest of the time. To be honest, it's pretty much what I fall back on in such situations anyway - I kind of make a cosmic broadcast and if anything picks it up, well, all to the good.

Anyone got any ideas/suggestions?

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