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An idea for a story?

In that space just before you fall asleep, I started thinking about a world in which memories could be bought and sold*.

In particular, the image of browsing in someone else's memory as if it was a bookshop, picking memories up, flicking through them, discarding some almost immediately, getting totally absorbed in others.

In some ways, the idea of opening my memories to other people like that is quite appealing to me. Intimacy, I guess. And maybe judgement?

*I know that buying memories is a well established sci-fi concept (Total Recall etc.) but I can't think of any off the top of my head where they are sold - i.e. the seller of the memory loses it forever when it is sold to the buyer (although no doubt there have been several - it's not that original a concept). You could have people who had had amazing lives, but didn't remember any of it because they'd sold all their memories of it; a romance where both parties found they had the memories (one each) of another pair of lovers; fresh, immediate, memories costing more than second-hand, faded, over-recalled memories; people who had bought so many memories that they didn't know which ones were their own any more, and hence didn't know their own history...

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