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A little more tired...

...a little more disillusioned, a little more cynical, a little more angry. Not smashing-windows-and-attacking-police angry (although it seems there was some violence towards the end of the day, according to BBC News), just generally at Bush, at Blair, at the world in general that it has come to this. That was my impression from the march today, although I don't know how much this is simply a projection of my own feelings.

The company I was with (yvesilena, the_alchemist,fluffymark and a couple of others) was lovely. So was the weather. The atmosphere was...fine. I think it was probably worth going. Some photos of yvesilena and the_alchemist on one of the lions in Trafalgar Square are here

But I couldn't help comparing it with the February 15 protest, and finding it wanting. I'd prepared myself for that, but that didn't stop it from rankling.

Edit: For a more positive perspective, see yvesilena's entry

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