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Artistic ambition

I'm hoping eventually to illustrate the following story, which is nominally Lord of the Rings real-person slash, but can be read simply as a fairytale Viridian, Vermillion, Alizarin by novanumbernine.

It's going to be a fairly long-term project as it requires that I (at least) work out how to draw (convincingly)

a) Orlando Bloom
b) Wings
c) Red Velvet

and preferably various other things.

Version 1
</td> <td>
Version 2
</td> </tr>


I've not yet got a very good likeness, but I feel I'm on the way. [Edit: Version 2 was done after the comments made by people below, and is a better likeness I feel]

This one was copied direct from a photograph, but I'm hoping, once I've done a few, to get to know his features well enough to do my own poses.
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