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It's starting to feel real

I think it's finally starting to sink in that I'm Getting Married. In just over two weeks!

What set it off (in a way that sending out invitations, getting the dress, and having a hen weekend haven't)was starting to draft my speech (which is going to be fairly short and straightforward, but I want to say something). I think it's something to do with the fact that in imagining how it would sound, I had to visualise myself there, having got married & with everyone listening. It's also feels more as if this is something I'm doing, rather than something that other people (hotel managers, photographers etc.) are doing for me or around me.

It's still at a stage of starting-to-sink-in, rather than sunk-in, but I'm finally on the way. I was starting to wonder if I'd reach the morning of the wedding still not 'realising' that, yes, I was actually getting married.

Haven't organised anything for this Easter weekend. Current plans are

Good Friday: have a 'spiritual' day (very wishy-washy, I know) - fasting, gardening & housecleaning (need doing & I can do them in a sort of "purification" frame of mind), listening to a meditation on Radio 4, other things as they occur.
Easter Saturday: large trip to garden centre. Buy lots of pots for the paving out back, and shrubs for the large area cleared (in a fantastic effort) by Matthew's mum a few weeks ago. Plant stuff.
Rest of weekend: Wedding stuff (sort out wording for ceremony, check invites returned, work on table plans); finish any gardening jobs; maybe some art or poetry depending on mood; maybe a shopping trip for honeymoon clothes. Um. Anyone doing anything?
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