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Just a little something I started on the train to Verona last week, and finished today.

Inspired by a combination of looking at the masks for sale in Venice and gnimmel's post describing how she imagined meeting each of her lj friends, but not putting a name to each description.

Note: Where I have written 'leather' or 'fur', for example, you may take it as read that I mean some highly realistic vegan alternative ;)

Everyone on my friends list who is a person (i.e. not a community or second journal) is here somewhere. As with gnimmel's list, several of these are probably interchangeable. I have listed the descriptions in alphabetical order.

An antique dragon mask painted in red and gold. You would look out on the world through the dragon's mouth.

A black mask, with a bolt of silver lightning shot diagonally across it.

A crocodile with iridescent scales, grinning.

A delicate mask of plaited dandelions, crowned with a circlet of lolly sticks and cherry stones.

A golden-haired cat with a friendly expression

A grotesque face made from hard, shining leather - but people would still compliment you on how beautiful it was.

A half-mask of silver wire, threaded with jewel-coloured glass beads.

A leopard mask, made of the softest fur, and fitting over your whole head.

A mask carved from lightest birchwood, adorned with subtle curving patterns.

A mask covering only your forehead and eyes, made of densely-packed raven and peacock feathers.

A mask covered with cobalt blue silk, and cut in a pattern of butterfly wings revealing your silver-painted skin beneath.

A mask of black lace, fitting every contour of your face, and worn with matching gloves.

A mask of oak-leaves. Some newly-green with spring, others the deep green of midsummer, the yellow and brown of autumn, or skeletal and wintry.

A mask of painted clouds appearing (by some illusion)to drift slowly across the sky.

A mask of the night sky, the moon-half full, with (if looked at closely) a tiny spaceship on it with (if looked at even more closely) tiny aliens peering out of its windows and waving.

A mask painted with a diamond pattern in deep red, white, and deep green.

A mask painted with delicate shades of pink and blue like a watercolour of the sky at dawn.

A mask that was not there - an oval of varnished papier mache framing and revealing your true face.

A smiling mask covered in daisies drawn in multicoloured glitter.

A white mask, lacking adornment of any kind.

Half black velvet, half white silk, meeting down the centre of your face in elaborate swirls. The black side studded with diamonds. The white side, when looked at closely, faintly painted with words in an unknown language.

It would have noble eyebrows which could be wiggled by remote control.

Plates of silver, resembling the helmet from a suit of armour, mounted on close-fitting velvet the colour of a midnight sky.


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