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Star Trek: The Musical

Many years ago mirabehn, myself, and a couple of other friends decided to write a Star Trek musical.

I know of four songs written as a result (two by me, and two by mirabehn, which I actually have on tape somewhere)

At least, this is as far as I got with it...

Smirking Bastard (The Kirk Song)
(click here to hear the tune)

Ev'ry time I see the guy I wonder why Starfleet
Ever thought to put him in the captain's chair
Anyone or anything could do his job better
It just makes me want to swear

Smirking Bastard
Smirking Bastard

If you're young he'll patronise you
If you're old he'll say you're set in your ways
If you're a woman, he'll try to seduce you
If you're not human, he'll laugh in your face

Smirking Bastard
Smirking Bastard

Living here is worse than a nightmare
Stuck on a starship that's run by a madman
Mr Chekov, you're totally right there
But there's little we can do

Smirking Bastard
Smirking Bastard
[repeat to fade]


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