Liz S (ixwin) wrote,
Liz S

The Interview Meme Returns

Questions courtesy of kmazzy

1. no more tea ever or no more coffee ever?
No more coffee. Coffee wakes me up, tea cheers me up. I would rather be a bit dopey but content than wide-awake & stressed out.

2. what makes you nervous?
-When I post a piece of writing or art and no-one comments on it. I start going "ack - it must be terrible - what was I thinking?"
-Going downstairs in the middle of the night, particularly if I'm alone in the house. Come to that just being alone in the house late at night (although, oddly, not when I'm in bed, only when I'm up late).
-Making friends with someone new - I have to be feeling brave to invite someone to my house for the first time and even braver to invite them without the excuse of a large party. I've chickened out of asking people to meet up for lunch a number of times.

3. when are you going to have babies???!!!
Current plan is a) when I finish the actuarial exams or b) when I turn thirty - whichever comes first. But it might be earlier - although I'm not even considering it until Matt & I have had a year of non-impregnated married life.

4. where did the inspiration for your random fairies (eg the pillar box and traffic cone... - you probably answered this already somewhere but i'm too lazy to look.)
Partly noticing just how much 'street furniture' (lampposts, rubbish bins etc.) there is around; and partly as a homage to the flower fairies, which I loved as a child.

5. what's your favourite piece of fanfic ever?
Viridian, Vermillion, Alizarin obviously has a special place in my heart but it's so AU that I'm not sure it even counts as fanfiction. So I'll give that award to Pretty Good Year - a huge, beautiful, rich, and bittersweet RosieSamFrodo by sharpest_rose (who also writes damn fine slices of Harry Potter like this(spoilers for OOtP)).

Edit: There seems to be something wrong with the website where those latter two stories are - either that or with my connection.

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