Liz S (ixwin) wrote,
Liz S

Being photographed

Well, that'll do for now anyway.

Should have a user icon in the next few days, as I have been taking pictures of people in my department at work for the office intranet, so I'll send my own picture home to myself via e-mail.

It was quite amusing actually...several months ago I'd suggested that it would be a really good idea if there were photos of people accessible via the intranet, so that if you needed to go & see someone you'd been speaking to on the phone, you'd be able to find them easily, and everyone had said "yeah, that's a great idea". Then when it actually comes to taking the photos, they're suddenly a lot more reluctant...

I went through a self-conscious, hating-being-photographed phase in my teens (doesn't everyone?) but don't have a problem with it now. Still get a bit self-conscious being videoed (sp?) though.

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