Liz S (ixwin) wrote,
Liz S

Interview meme: questions courtesy of neonchameleon

What would you most like to be asked, and why?

Anything I'd not normally come out and tell people unprovoked - questions at the opposite end of the conversational spectrum from small talk ('big talk'?). This could be either personal stuff, or grand philosophical theories. This is because I like talking about these things (and finding out what other people have to say), but they're such big topics, that I need a question or two as a starting point.

Or, in personal conversation, being asked my opinion of mutual acquaintances.

What would you least like to be asked, and why?

'What's your favourite x?', for most values of x. 'colour' is a particularly bad one, as I never feel it tells me anything interesting/useful about a person. Food isn't much better. In any case I have very few 'favourite' things of any sort. Books and films I can at least make a stab at, but being asked for a top 5 or 10 is preferable to being asked for a favourite. Anything musical (favourite band, composer, song etc.) I just don't feel strongly enough about to even know where to begin.

Why the username ixwin?

See my first ever entry.

Something your friends would think I should know about you

1) If I look sideways at you, it doesn't mean I'm expressing scepticism - it's just a bad habit I have and I usually don't even know I'm doing it. Likewise if I nod in a certain way when you start talking about something it only means 'I'm interested' not 'I already know what you're about to say' (which some people seem to interpret it as meaning)
2) It is very, very, hard to make me angry, and even harder to make me angry enough that I show it.
3) I may be quiet, but I'm not shy. I'm perfectly happy just listening to other people a lot of the time, but if there's something I want to say, I'll say it.

If you were left alone on a desert island with only three books and three CDs of your choice, how would you prevent yourself dying of exposure?

I would use the CDs to reflect the light of the sun and send semaphore to any passing ships. They would not be much use for anything else, as I do not appear to have been left a CD player. One of the books (a survival tome) would have a guide to semaphore in it.

If I only expected to be on the island for a day or two I could of course burn the books, in which case I'd merely need two to be as large as possible (the survival tome, from which I would rip out the semaphore pages, and anything else which looked useful first; and something else, the only criterion for which would be that it was something non-rare so I wouldn't need to feel guilty about burning it) and the third to be a novelty science book which included a magnifying glass which I could use to set light to the other two.

If I was to be there longer, it's possible Teach Yourself Self-Hypnosis could give me enough mind-over-matter power to convince my body I was actually perfectly warm. Or perhaps I could dig a hole in the sand, and then fill the hole with lightly screwed-up pages hoping they'd trap enough warm air during the day to act as insulation at night.

Alternatively, if one of the books had new glossy pages I could bleed to death by giving myself papercuts with it. Which would prevent me dying of exposure but has little else to recommend it.

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