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Poll results

Thanks to those of you who completed my poll on your perceptions of me. - it's been particularly intriguing to see which ones people agree on, and which ones they're split over.

By the way, you can still complete the poll if you haven't and would like to - I'll be keeping an eye on it for another week or so at least.

Of course, one of the main problems with anything this simplistic is that people interpret the terms differently.

There was nothing that 100% of people agreed on.

90% describe me as hard-working. I'm not sure I would have described myself that way. I can work hard when I get into something, but if I'm not motivated, I'm very easily distracted.

90% also describe me as tactful. I'm glad about that, since I try not to be rude or offensive. Perhaps I go a little too far in the other direction sometimes - occasionally I'll think about challenging something but not say it to the person concerned, and then someone else will do so and the person concerned reacts positively.

70% describe me as intellectual. I'd describe myself that way, too. I mean by that that I enjoy playing with ideas for their own sake - sort of the equivalent of sporty but for the mind.

70% also describe me as confident, which I'd agree with. I have a fairly strong faith in my abilities and personality - I assume I'll be able to do most things required of me, and be liked (or at any rate, not disliked) by most of the people I come into contact with. That doesn't mean I don't have occasional failures of confidence in certain areas, but a failure in one area doesn't cause the whole to collapse.

60% of people describe me as adventurous. I do have a strong sense of adventure, but it's not one that has been expressed all that much. I think it ties in with the confidence, in that I have faith that things will work out alright.

60% also describe me as organised. This varies. I tend to run most of the time on the minimum organisation level that avoids major difficulties, so I'll go shopping just as we run out of food, or do a load of washing just as I run out of clean clothes. I go through phases of more major organisation when I actually make lists of things to do, and clear out cupboards and things, and it's all a lot more efficient, but I find it too much effort to keep up continually. The bursts do help keep things nicely under control, though.

50% describe me as perfectionist. This is an interesting one, as I'd say this is one thing I'm not and never have been (but I have been described as such before, which is why I put it in). I very much judge anything I do on the basis of "that's good enough" - I can usually (maybe always) spot things which could be better, but simply can't be bothered to spend the effort to make them so. vectorious and I had an interesting discussion which sums it up quite well for me - I'm quite happy to display my top 50% of work (art, writing etc.), whereas he said he'd be more likely to only show the top 10-20%.

50% describe me as witty. I think this split reflects two factors - one, what context people know me in - I don't tend to try to be funny unless I'm with people I know quite well and I'm generally feeling relaxed, and two, how people interpreted it. It's definitely not a major mode of behaviour for me, but I like to think I'm fairly good at it when I do attempt it.

50% also describe me as optimistic and again, I suspect the division springs from people's different interpretations of the term, in that had I put 'pessimist' I would have been surprised if anyone had ticked it. I would say I was, perhaps, a realistic optimist - I will generally put the best light on a situation or someone's behaviour, but only in so far as this is consistent with common sense.

50% also describe me as cautious. I'm not sure whether I am or not. It's not something I'd immediately describe myself as - on the other hand I'm certainly not reckless.

50% describe me as patient. I do think of myself as a patient person, and I'm actually a little surprised the rating isn't higher, as I think I am very rarely impatient. Perhaps it's just that people haven't often seen me in situations where my patience might be tested.

I'll go through the factors that less than 50% of people thought described me in a separate post later.

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