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An original entry

Coincidentally given mirabehn's recent entry, I have been wondering today about people's opinion of me, although in my case this is a result of a course I attended this afternoon regarding professional development. I'm not quite ready to go around asking the people I work with what they think my strengths & weaknesses are (hmm...will need to think why this is), but one of those consistently intriguing and surprising things is quite how much other people's opinion of oneself can differ from one's self-assessment.

Personally, I find it quite difficult to reply if someone just asks me what I think of them, or what their strengths and weaknesses are. So what I'd like to ask the readers of this humble journal is:

From what you know of me, in what ways am I similar to you? In what ways am I different?

And let me know in your answers whether or not you'd like me to reciprocate.

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