Liz S (ixwin) wrote,
Liz S

Various things

Good party on Saturday for doseybat's birthday, met various nice people & got to know others slightly better. Was rather tired, so not terribly gregarious at the party proper, but slept over & had a very pleasant laid-back pyjama-y morning.

Suspect I'm going to collapse with tiredness at some point, but not yet, since have been working late (there 'til 9 tonight), then have lots of busy evenings over the next fortnight, plus trying to get all Christmas stuff done (cards, wrapping presents etc.) and keep up with adventcalendar which is self-imposed, I know, but I want to do it. Am rather pleased with tonight's sketch which will go up tomorrow.

Talking of adventcalendar why not submit a tree picture?

What else?

Holy Grail organising - need to decide whether we're going to do Camelot song or just have a burst of tune and then "it is a silly place." I reckon if we have four or more people willing to sing we go for it, so if you want to do it and are willing to sing, comment below. I have one pair of coconut halves, need to get toy swords from somewhere. Also need to read through my lines.

My medieval maiden dress has arrived and is a very good fit (slightly bulky at the join between the bodice & the skirt, but perfect on top)so I'll be wearing that on Saturday.

Ought to get to bed really.

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