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Someone's just written their own LOTR/OMWF song after seeing mine.

Ain't bad either.

Standing in the Way

Sung by Aragorn to an absent Frodo as Aragorn tries to decide whether follow Frodo and Sam or to free Merry and Pippin.

You’ve fled the comp’ny
And I realize why.
Boromir’s ring-lust
He just could not hide.
The Fellowship has failed, so now I must decide
Which way.

Your path’s unbeaten
Through bog and hill
But you can meet it,
Sam is with you still.
Can you find your way? I’m guessing that you will.
Still I…

I wish I could see
This task through
And guide you to that land.
Wish I could be your leader,
But your fate’s left my hand.
Wish I could stay,
But now I understand
That we must go separate ways.

Those around you,
You couldn’t trust at all.
‘Cause each might yield to
the One Ring’s call.
So I’ll let you go,
I must save my friends from thrall.
But I…

I wish I could
Go to Mordor,
To Mount Doom ringed in ash.
Wish I could
Show the way there,
But Orcs I must chase fast.
Wish I could stay,
Your Ranger, till the last.
But now our
Roads lead different ways.
Yes our roads lead
Different ways.

By Dwbakke

Love the way this project's taken on a life of its own out there - I suppose that's what the internet is for.

Oh, and if anyone else does want to fanfic my stuff I'm going to set up a separate page on my site for this & anything else that comes my way.

Edit: Now up
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