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J'aime Paris en hiver

Best cure for post-party comedown I've discovered so far.

Book Eurostar tickets to Paris.

Okay, so it's not exactly practical as a regular solution, but it sure as hell works.

Further explanation: A friend of my sister-in-law works in Paris & is letting people stay in her flat whilst she's away, in exchange for looking after the place and - IIRC - looking after her cat. My parents in law have taken her up on this offer & will be there for several days, & I'm going to join them from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime next weekend.

Woo! Paris!

Party last night was good (*smiles at all the lovely people*) and post-party "Aargh - did everyone really have a good time?" no worse than usual. Special thanks to kmazzy who did astonishing amounts of washing up and other helpfulness
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