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Dream cast list

Following the_alchemist's post about potential readthroughs, vectorious and I plan to host a readthrough of A Midsummer Night's Dream on Midsummer's Day or one of the weekends either side (given that Midsummer's Day falls midweek, which may make it difficult for people to get to our place in Hitchin for an evening readthrough and back at a reasonable hour - though they're more than welcome to stay over).

I've given priority to those who weren't invited to, or couldn't make, the Holy Grail readthrough, although there's a small amount of overlap where the casting seemed to demand it.

In both senses ...
Dream cast list
Theseus and Oberon: the_alchemist
Hippolyta and Titania: yvesilena
Philostrate and Puck: andrewwyld

Egeus: smhwpf
Hermia: ixwin
Helena: taimatsu
Demetrius: borusa
Lysander: vectorious

Bottom: smhwpf
Quince(Narrator) and Fairy: doseybat
Snug (Lion) and Peaseblossom: kmazzy
Flute (Thisbe) and Moth: casby
Snout (Wall) and Mustardseed: compilerbitch
Starveling (Moon) and Cobweb: sintar_mebta

Apologies to those of you who 'do' readthroughs and haven't been cast (particularly if you weren't in Holy Grail either). Rest assured that I'll bear this in mind for the next readthrough (whatever that is, but the odds are good there'll be one).

If you are on the cast list could you comment to say
a) Whether you're happy with your part(s)
b) If you'd prefer any of Saturday 20th19th June, Wednesday 23rd June, Thursday 24th June, or Saturday 27th26th June as the date (and if you can't make any of those, when you could make).

Unusually for recent readthroughs, I would like this one not to be fancy dress. You may bring props (wings, asses ears etc.) or ask us to provide them; but I rather like the idea of the magic coming from the words alone, and I think it fits with the doubling I've gone for throughout the cast list.

Oh, I recommend that anyone who hasn't read vectorious's essay on MSND, do so. It's written as a proposal for a film version of MSND, but the sections on Relationships and Scenes contain a number of points equally applicable to a theatrical or readthrough version - focusing chiefly on Oberon, Puck and Titania. You don't have to follow these of course, but it would make me and vectorious particularly pleased if it so happened that it chimed with how you wanted to play the part anyway.

I may make more directorial notes nearer the time. Again, these will be purely in a spirit of "I think this would work" or "I like this interpretation when I've seen it done before" and I'm certainly not going to throw a tantrum if someone's got their own ideas - this is supposed to be fun after all. Then again, "One must be serious about something, if one wants to have any amusement in life" as Wilde put it.

Edit: oops-somehow had comments disabled for this entry. Back on now.
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