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The pleasures of thrift.

The pleasures of creation are frequently acknowledged and celebrated. The pleasures of destruction are also acknowledged, and sometimes celebrated. But the pleasures of preservation are rarely mentioned.

What made me think about this was mending some of my mother's old frocks from the sixties (just re-hemming where things had started to come apart). There was a great deal of satisfaction to be had from knowing that I was restoring something, and giving something a second lease of life, and it felt qualitatively different from the satisfaction I get when creating something new.

It's easy to lose sight of the mental/spiritual nourishment that preservation can provide, because a lot of the time it seems dull and mundane (doing the washing up again), and so the last thing we want is to let more of it into our lives when creation and destruction seem far more exciting. But I think we probably need a balance of all three in our lives.

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