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Fluffymark's Party

Party was fun (tho' sadly had to leave fairly early to be sure of getting the last train back)

And I won a prize for best costume! I was Nuala from the Sandman, specifically (for those of you with copies) the panel in Season of Mists when her glamour's just been removed. I won The Man in the High Castle, by Phillip K Dick which I hadn't read, and am now about halfway through given a long train journey back last night.

A photo was taken of me playing twister, so if that appears, I'll link to it.

There were several livejournal people* there including davefish, emarkienna, inskauldrak (who joined Somerville college the year I left, and had the same philosophy tutor as Matthew - small world), sheridanwilde and snow_leopard, plus Doseybat, Emily-who's-not-Mark's-Emily, Joe, someone to whom I said "oh, you're that Sarah" and other people whose names I may not have caught. But 'twas good (mmmm, chocolate fondue) & I was sorry to have to leave so soon.

*okay, it's hardly something you define yourself as, but it's descriptive enough.

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