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Liz's Journal

headed in a south-westerly direction, revolving gracefully

Liz S
23 March 1976

Grew up in London, studied physics at Oxford University, now live in Harrow in Northwest London. Married to Matthew (vectorious). Worked as an actuary for GE Life for eight years, and have now given up work to look after our two children(Daniel, born 26 September 2006, and Abigail, born 10 July 2008).


- Trust yourself.
- The world is more amazing than we can ever imagine.
- Between black and white there are not just shades of grey -- there's red and orange and pink and green and blue.
- No-one's creepy or laughable from the inside.
- You should never apologise for what you like, or what you know.
- A successful argument is determined not by whether you 'win' or 'lose' it; but whether you gain greater insight into the truth along the way.

Policy on LJ Friends

Feel free to add me as a friend without asking. I won't necessarily add you back, but I'll probably wander over to your journal occasionally. I don't make many friends-only posts, so you won't miss much if I don't add you. I apply the same logic in reverse - so if I like your journal I will usually add it without asking first, and I don't expect to be friended in return. If curious how I found you (or you don't want me to have you as a friend for any reason) then just ask - leave a comment on my most recent entry, and I'll happily reply (and defriend you if that's what you want).

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